Energy Edge Corn is a high oil hybrid line developed over 20 growing cycles. Its superior genetics makes it ideal for livestock feed, and the response to its performance has been overwhelming, opening up new market and profit opportunities for growers and livestock producers.

Where’s it growing?

We’re currently growing Energy Edge Corn in the Indiana counties of Cass, Clinton, and White for use in field trials to confirm and quantify the impressive results we’ve seen from our own internal research.

Who’s behind Energy Edge Corn?

Byron Seeds is a Midwest seed company that specializes in high quality forages for livestock. Our reputation centers on nutritional quality and top-of-the-line agronomic performance supported by a dealer network of over 300 forage specialists, most of which are farmers themselves.

Simply put, we have built our business through farmers helping farmers.

Can I be part of the Energy Edge Corn Project?

Learn more about the Energy Edge Corn Grower Program by clicking on the link below. One of our team members will contact you to arrange a call where we can answer your questions about our hybrids and an exclusive market opportunity for Growers.

Learn more about the Energy Edge Grower Program

About Byron Seeds, LLC

Byron is one of the largest distributors of seed specializing in high quality forages. Now 25 years old, Byron started in a shed on owner Samuel Fisher’s farm. Samuel, still a livestock producer, has put together a team of farmers, agronomists, and nutritionists to select from the best forage genetics in the world.

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Michael A. Parsley, BS Animal Science; Livestock Feeding
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Learn More

Simply fill in your information and one of our team members will contact you to answer your questions and provide more information about Byron’s Energy Edge High Oil Corn Project and our  Grower Program.



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